About Jason

Garner Turf- lawn care and Landscaping

Jason Garner, owner of Garner Turf fell into the lawn and landscape business by accident in 2006, when he bought his first mower.  Being a Physical Education teacher and having summers off, he figured he could have just enough customers to keep him busy and at the same time pay for the mower.  Those first few yards came fairly easy.   Before he knew it he was working all summer and after school during the spring and fall months.  A few years later he took a job in the spring as an assistant baseball coach at Liberty Tech High School.  While juggling teaching, coaching and running a growing lawn business; he soon realized he didn’t have time to keep up.  It was a crazy time.  However, he realized running his own lawn business was something that he enjoyed, and who doesn’t want to do what they enjoy?  Jason has dedicated himself to take what he learned through experience and education to grow his lawn business, giving his customers the level of professionalism they deserve.

About The Company

Our final product of a well-manicured yard and landscape is what has grown our business to what it is today.  Moving forward, our customers can expect the following changes in 2018: 

  • Commercial cutting edge equipment
  • Professional uniforms to identify our crews
  • Professional looking trucks with logo
  • A new Website designed to educate customers on how we can serve them best

We want to be different than any other lawn care company and give you the service other companies often fail to give.  Let us fix that problem you’ve had with other lawn care companies.  If you are looking for a lawn care company that prides itself on your complete satisfaction, give Garner Turf a call today!