Tree and Shrub Trimming

Our crew is crew is experienced and highly trained to perform tree (up to 12 feet) and shrub trimming, pruning and shaping at the right time of year to give your landscape a professional look.  During the growing season frequent trimming is recommended.  If customers are seeking a manicured landscape year round, we can schedule this service as often as once a month or as needed depending of plant variety.  This guarantees continued growth, deep roots, optimal health and a great looking landscape.


We highly recommend maintaining a healthy layer of mulch in your beds year-round.  This generous layer of mulch acts as an insulator to keep the soil warm year round as well as maintaining moisture levels.  Mulch also breaks down over time giving back important nutrient to your soil.  We would be glad to come out and give you an estimate on installing mulch in your flower beds.  Before installing mulch it is our practice to clean the beds to remove weeds, leaves and any other debris.  We also redefine the bed edge to give it that clean look before installing the mulch.

Serving Jackson, Medina, Humboldt, Milan and Brownsville, TN.