Pine Straw……If it’s good enough for the Masters, why not use it in your landscape?

Pine Straw……If it’s good enough for the Masters, why not use it in your landscape?

Agusta Golf Course.jpg

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit Augusta National for the Masters or spent time in front of the TV watching, I’m sure you’ve noticed the beauty of the landscape at this beautiful golf course.  There is no doubt the star of the landscape is the beautiful azalea that is in full bloom.  There is also another player in this landscape, and that is the copper hued Georgia pine straw.  While most people in West Tennessee opt for hardwood mulch as their choice to protect their flower beds, I consider pine straw as my favorite choice and here is why:

Pine straw helps a list of shrubs in your landscape survive and thrive.  Not only does pine straw help warm the roots, but it also prevents weed growth, infuses nutrients such as calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil as it breaks down.  This gives you a great organic alternative to store bought fertilizer.  Pine straw also helps acid loving bushes and trees thrive.  Love azalea blooms or even the taste of a blueberry?  Pair these two shrubs with pine straw and watch them flourish.  

Other than looking beautiful, pine straw also keeps many common garden pests at bay, including termites.  Pine straw is also one of the best ways to keep weeds out of your landscape.  It acts like a sheet prohibiting the amount of sunlight needed to produce weeds.  Basically, it’s a can’t miss when looking for a beautiful low-maintenance landscape design.  

Now that you have decided pine straw is right for you, let’s talk about installation.  Before adding pine straw, you’ll want to prepare the soil and get those bed edges defined.  This can take a lot of time and labor, causing most to hire a professional.  If you want to forego this messy time consuming task and are ready to enhance your landscape and yard, call Garner Turf, LLC at 731-426-3778 for prices on installation.